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Driver licensingdriving waka kotahi nz transport agency. Renewal of vehicle licence rego nz transport agency. Learn the road code quickly and easily with our free quizzes and practice tests. Renewal of vehicle licence rego before you start its always a good idea to check that we have the correct contact details to send your licence label to. Current application processing times nz transport agency. In this video we describe the structure and timing of the test. This drugged driver took the precious life of his 3 year old boy. Renewing or replacing your licence you need to renew your photo driver licence every ten years, on or before the expiry date.

This course will provide the necessary qualifications to gain the nz transport agency driver instructor i licence endorsement. If the licence is not in english, you must carry an accurate english translation. You will be professionally trained by qualified and experienced instructors. If your stay in new zealand is longer term a year or more your licence from back home will not be enough and you will need a new zealand driver licence. The new zealand transport agency has many downloadable resources on its website for older people including. Every time you renew or replace your driver s licence you must either declare yourself fit to drive or, in some cases, supply a medical or eyesight certificate. We are authorised drivers licence translation service for the new zealand transport agency nzta a translation of your driver s licence allows you to drive in new zealand for up to 12 months and apply for a new zealand licence. If you havent upgraded from a paper driver licence to a photo driver licence, you are strongly advised to do soas soon as possible. Driving instructor i endorsement course why do a driving instructor i endorsement course with tr master drive services. The aa is contracted to the nz transport agency to provide driver licensing products and services in new zealand. New zealand drivers licences are issued by the nz transport agency. In this section you will find official online rode code versions for car drivers, motorcyclists, heavy vehicle drivers and cyclists.

You must follow the road rules for your safety and the safety of others when you drive. Nzta will send a renewal notice before your licence expires if they have your current address you can update your address at any time by contacting the nzta. Driver licensing fraud investigation at nz transport agency. If youre paying by debit or credit card, you can call us on 0800 822 422 to book your test. Extremely userfriendly, all our quizzes are based on the latest official new zealand road code updated for 2019. Find out how to change the name or gender recorded on your driver licence. Application for p, v, i or o endorsement dl20 30 working days application for transport service licence tl01 30 working days certificate of particulars.

Nz transport agency online transaction centre survey. Have your say on the accessibility of our shared spaces. Replacing your licence waka kotahi nz transport agency. Youll need your new zealand driver licence to do this online. How to pass the nz restricted licence test youtube. Once youve passed your test, well send you a new zealand driver licence without a supervisor. Getting your licence back any driver licence card you held at the time of your suspension or disqualification has been permanently cancelled whether it has been surrendered or not and is no longer valid. Mana whenua led the dawn blessing for the facility which includes pou markers at the entrance, a pavilion building and walking and cycling bridge. Print versions are available at stationery stores and aa shops. The automobile association aa external link most aa offices. Under section 30l of the land transport act 1998, the nz transport agency must be satisfied that anyone who will have, or is likely to have, control or involvement in the operation of the transport service is a fit and proper person. If you are registered to use toro please click here.

Updating your licence waka kotahi nz transport agency feet first. Check with the nz transport agency nzta for updates on covid19 and available nzta and agent services. If your organisation has not previously used our online services, select the request access button to register your organisation. This registration must be carried out by the person in your organisation delegated to be the administrator for the nz transport agency online services. Driver instructor licence i endorsement course master. Replace your driver licence if its been lost or stolen. Put my vehicle licence rego on hold nz transport agency. Renewing your licence waka kotahi nz transport agency. Also, make sure you have completed your restricted driver licence application before you sit your test. Medical requirements for driving in order to drive you must meet a minimum level of health. Their work spans everything from influencing development of the national transport system to promoting road safety, managing the state highway, and licensing drivers and vehicles. Police are investigating driver licensing fraud at the nz transport agency which recently sacked a contractor after concerns were raised.

If you dont, you can be fined or have your driver licence or car taken off you. If youre stopped by the nz police and cant produce your current driver licence, you can be fined. Your doctor must advise the nz transport agency nzta and your licence will expire. Driver licencing online ive lost my licence or its been stolen, what should i do. Converting your overseas licence to a new zealand version is relatively straightforward provided your home country licence is current or, if it isnt current, anything up to year. Buy a road user charges ruc licence before you start its always a good idea to check that we have the correct address to send your licence label to.

International driving licences and permits new zealand. Youll also need to include a certified copy of evidence of your identity. Replace your driver licence if its been lost or stolen if you lose your licence or its been stolen, replace it as soon as you can you can be fined for driving without it. Try our tourist and visitor driving quiz to ensure you understand the essential road code knowledge that might be different to the country you are from. Due to covid19 restrictions, the company who manufacture driver licences are currently closed.

Renewing or replacing your nz driver licence aa new zealand. Application for driver licensing exemption dl4 15 working days. Check the new zealand transport agency website for details. This means you cant drive using your old new zealand driver licence, and youll need to requalify your licence to get it back. Put my vehicle licence rego on hold use this transaction if your vehicle is temporarily off the road and you want to be exempt from paying licensing fees rego during this time minimum period is 3 months. If your overseas driver licence or permit isnt in english you must provide an accurate english translation when you are driving and when you want to convert your overseas licence to a new zealand licence. We can also help you apply for an international driver permit if you need to drive overseas. If youre an organisation and hold an nz transport agency customer number, complete this form and email it to us. As policy the company does not provide refunds, and bears no responsibility for illegible images received, incorrect contact information, cancellations, delays in travel plans or translation delivery. If you dont have your nz driver licence or your nz passport has expired you need to provide 2 other documents. You can legally drive in new zealand for up to 12 months if you have a current driver s licence. This page explains the information printed on a photo driver licence card, and the different types of driver licence that are available.

Transnational nz limited is a wholly owned new zealand company. The label is posted to the registered persons address and should arrive within five. Driving in nz if you are visiting visitors dont need a new zealand driver licence to drive in new zealand but you must meet some conditions. You must drive within all the conditions listed on your licence. Buy a road user charges ruc licence nz transport agency. Confirming your licence details sometimes you may need to provide confirmation of your licence details or driving history for example when hiring a motor vehicle or converting to an overseas licence. If you booked your test online or via the nz transport agency call centre, youll need to stop into a driver licensing agent on any day before your test to complete your application. Driver licensing faqs waka kotahi nz transport agency. Replace your driver licence if its been lost or stolen nz government. You need to carry your licence at all times when driving. If you are moving to new zealand, coming on holiday or coming to study, we have information for driving on a foreign licence here.

From 1925 local authorities issued driver licences, which were renewed each year when. Once we start adjusting back to business as normal, the transport agency will set expiry dates for this document, which could extend up until 10 october 2020. This is necessary because of new zealand moving to alert level 4 at midnight wednesday 25 march in response to the covid19 outbreak. To help smooth the transition back to compliance, if your driver licence expired on or after 1 january 2020, it is temporarily extended. Your new zealand photo driver licence card verifies who you are, the vehicles youre qualified to drive and any conditions youre required to meet when driving. Which types of devices and vehicles should be allowed on footpaths, shared paths, cycle paths. Driver licence translation new zealand transport agency. Photo driver licences are one of the best ways to catch unlicensed and disqualified drivers and, along with tough roadside penalties, get them off our roads. Getting your licence back waka kotahi nz transport agency. The new zealand automobile association aa has a long standing contractual and partnership relationship with nz transport agency for both the range of vehicle and driver licensing services and working together on behalf of motorists. Renewing your driver licence at age 75 and over by nz.

Your photographic restricted licence or if you are on a temporary licence, you will need to bring your current new zealand passport or two other approved forms of identification as well. The countdown is well underway to complete the new national hockey centre in rosedale. Driving rules and assessment for older people bpj 26. Renewing your driver licence at age 75 and over feet first. Your licence contains a number of your personal details including your name, date of birth, licence number, a copy of your signature and possibly your address.

Nz transport agency help us shape the future of our. Nz transport agency urging all customers to be wary of virtual identity theft email and website scam nz transport agency a sophisticated email scam, which pretends to be from the nz transport agency, is taking unsuspecting people to a webpage to renew their vehicle licence rego and asks for many personal details such as nz driver licence. Converting overseas driving licence to new zealand one. Also provides tips for new residents, visitors and kiwi driving overseas. By clicking the submit button you are consenting to be bound by the driver check terms and conditions. This means you cant drive using your old new zealand driver licence, and youll need to requalify. Ive lost my licence or its been stolen, what should i do. Same format and grading standards as used by the nz transport agency. To get or renew your driver licence or a licence endorsement you need to apply in person at an nz transport agency driver licensing agent. Driver licencing online waka kotahi nz transport agency. Converting to a new zealand driver licence nz transport. This section sets out the steps involved in getting your driver licence and endorsements, and explains the conditions that may apply. Fines, penalties and losing your licence nz government. Once youve received your new zealand photo driver licence, you can return to a specialist overseas conversion site and book your practical test.

Licences with photos also help the police to check that new and inexperienced drivers those in the graduated driver licensing. Driver licence test booking check expiry query replace my driver licence card. Your photo driver licence is your official legal permission to drive on new zealand roads. New zealand transport agency approved driver licence translations. Medical requirements for driving driving tests resources.

Some driver licence services have been affected by the covid19 lockdown. Our customer service centre is closed, along with all transport agency offices. If you dont have a new zealand driver licence, complete this form instead. Before your test, you must also come to one of our driver licensing branches to do the following. The road code is a userfriendly guide to new zealand s traffic law and safe driving practices. Renewing driver licences at age 75 and over, supporting older drivers, keeping moving, guide to the onroad safety test and how to use a mobility scooter or power chair safely. Vehicle testing new zealand vtnz external link selected vtnz stations. All old style new zealand driver licences booklet or paper have now been expired for more than five years. Drivers must renew their licence at age 75, 80 and every two years after that.

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