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How to make a portable flannel board aka felt book. See more ideas about felt quiet books, busy book and felt books. Find an old book that has a hardcover, or buy one at the thrift store. As for a donuttheme idea i am starting a pattern buildingmatching easter egg page for the springeaster page. I thought this was perfect for an easter gift and for church. Feb 26, 2020 full page examples of complete quiet book pages. Quite books are awesome to keep little minds busy, but one look at the intricate pages and im thinkingaint got time for all that stitching. Pdf pattern set to the complete old testament bible story quiet book. Stack and match your quiet book pages based on how they will fit together best. A quiet book, often called an as busy book, activity book, quiet time book or cloth book is set of fabric pages, filled with entertaining kids activities. This beautifully detailed, cloth, quiet book features the stories of creation, noah, lot, joseph, moses, ruth, solomon, jonah, the birth of jesus. Supplies for all pages separate supply lists for each page given. This blog is meant to be a resource to all those planning and making their own quiet books.

We teamed up with chickabug, and have created, quite possibly, the most darling quiet book ever. This bundle includes all 12 bible stories as well as 4 additional pages the cover, a mirror page, a pocket page, and a back page. Click on the images to go to the individual details of each page the cover of the quiet book. Learn to sew or make nosew quiet books, in an earlier post, covering all the detail here. If you need additional help beyond the pattern, please feel free to contact me at candidlykate. I had originally wanted to do a felt quiet book, but when i looked at all the adorable pages, i quickly got on board with the card stock pages. This post will step you through how to put together the next felt page in the quiet book, baby moses. Every page features moving or detachable parts that help your kids tell time, fasten buttons, tie shoes, buckle belts, pull zippers, and more. Here are photos to remind you of the different pages, including a link to each page. I used to recommend the apache for a cheap laminator, but it does not laminate the thicker pouches very well i have fount out. Dolls house quiet book pattern and tutorial rebecca page.

At the bottom of this page, there are three thumbnails for three new pages. I have made several quiet book pages for my daughter 2 in april, some from your site and others of my own design. Post navigation quiet book page 9 thoughts on 2011 quiet book pages pingback. Each page has its own pattern, published every monday over the course of 3 weeks. Laminating can be expensive, so if you dont already have a laminator and you know you will be doing future projects like this, i recommend getting your own pouch laminator. Pirate island tictactoe quiet book page imagine our life. I thought for reference id make a summary post so all of the different pages, with their templates are really easy to find. Ive been having a blast sharing my patterns with you. Remember the days before smart phones, when kids had good ole fashioned fun. The patterns were very easy to follow and the instructions in the books really helped to get the pages put together. Then whenever they are on that page, theyre reminded of its meaning. Placing two very fluffy pages together might cause an overlyhigh bump in your book.

The felt squares are magnetic for a fun matching game. See more ideas about felt books, quiet book patterns and busy book. This activity page is perfect for a toddler who needs a quiet distraction. Make sure the canvases have dimensions just slightly smaller than the book you chose, and make sure they are thin enough to fit inside your felt book stores have thick and thin. My bible quiet book by my growing season is a beautifully detailed, handmade cloth book. Closet quiet book page embroidery design 5x7 hoop or larger closet quiet book page embroidery design formats.

I made about 24 quiet book spreads, two of which were little books on their own, one was on a felt board with a carrying case. Blog book books crafts faith family history home improvement photo books printables quiet book what we believe all images and text are ed by sunshine, lollipops, and rainbows unless otherwise noted. A detailed material list cutting templates felt page instructions book construction instructions photos of a completed quiet book for reference this book has 8 stories and a cover. Book of mormon quiet book pdf pattern sommerfunstuff etsy kids activity books, quiet. Template for felt figures you can cut out even i could do this. I plan to regularly feature different peoples quiet books, with pictures and answers to questions on the process. This secret project has been over a year in the making.

There is a bible quiet book as well as a farm life quiet book. The patterns will help to bring the stories to life and can be used in a variety of ways. See more ideas about bible quiet book, felt books and busy book. Lds quiet books unique quiet books from the book of mormon. Arts and crafts, printable quiet book, printables, travel with kids. I also sewed many fun projects that werent quiet books, like ornaments, baby toys and even a stuffed pony with a new year beginning, its fun to look back on the pages i made and shared with you, as i did. Zigzag the glue along the stack of pages, close the cover and firmly press the spine to get a smooth effect. The ideal platform to teach your child stories from the bible in an interactive and age appropriate manner. Templates or patterns give you something to work with and can make planning your quiet book and cutting out shapes a lot easier. Find all the books, read about the author, and more. This post will step you through how to put together the last felt page in the quiet book.

Open the book and add another line of glue to the first page near spine to get a closed and neat look to your first page, just like the rest of the book. See more ideas about felt quiet books, felt books and busy book. This diy quiet book is an adorable way to occupy tots and babies see how to do it below. The complete old testament bible story quiet book 16 pages. See more ideas about bible quiet book, busy book and felt books. All patterns are now available by download in the howdoesshe store here. I was happy to hear that several of you plan on making one.

I was impressed how neat and professional each page looked when it was finished. Enter the printable quiet book, i went through and designed all of the things i wanted in a quiet filed under. This bundle includes all of the instruction pages and patterns to make the entire quiet book. Buy 1 or 2 canvas panels depending on if you want your felt book one or twosided.

This ten page cloth activity book is sure to be a favorite in your home. This is where you can get the complete instructions from start to end on how to make the actual blank quiet book. First we teach them the scripture stories during family night using the quiet book page as a visual aid. How to make a quiet book includes 11 inside pages all. Full of original ideas and includes a cd to print off templates. My bible quiet book showcases stories such as noah, moses, joseph, and teachings of jesuswhile teaching snapping, buttoning, zipping, weaving. The nativity baby jesus and other bible story quiet book for baby. Softie dollies, takealong dollhouses, and quiet books all seem to pop up in my feed all the time. You can see below an example of pressing the spine. Youll find the pattern for this bible quiet book in my friends etsy store. I know its a bit early since our first is still living inside me. Even during the days quiet moments, your preschoolers minds are active. If you are making a quiet book for the first time, i highly recommend this book.

This post will step you through how to put together the next felt page in the quiet book, ten commandments. I also love seeing what youve made with my patterns. David and goliath features a colorful page with goliaths giant sandals that need lacing. Bible quiet book, church busy book, religious christian stories activity interactive toy, handmade by tomtoy, 20x20cm, custom 414 pages. See more ideas about bible quiet book, bible and bible crafts. Lds quiet books unique quiet books from the book of mormon and the bible. This 8 page book is the perfect teaching tool for those times. The busy bible is the ideal platform to teach your child stories from the bible in an interactive and age appropriate manner. I decided to start this site after all of the interest and questions ive gotten on my family blog about the quiet book i made last year. This entry was posted in crafts, quiet book, sewing and tagged crafts, patterns, quiet book, sewing on january 2, 2012 by stephanie. With that in mind, here is a list of free quiet book patterns. Check out our bible quiet book selection for the very best in unique or custom.

How to create quiet books with awesome inthehoop designs. Items similar to jesus and lazarus bible story flannelfelt board. Closet quiet book page embroidery design 5x7 hoop or larger. If you like the look of my cover i made for the quiet book you can find the. If you have a request for a quiet book page, join our facebook page and let me know. Can you email me your patterns for all the quiet books you did or do you have the patterns for all of them on your site. I purchased a couple of different templates from her etsy shop, but today, im going to talk about the bible quiet book template. I started on the last page because it looked like the easiest page to begin with. Tomtoy bible quiet book, quiet book patterns, diy quiet books. Jesus walking on water felt page in a bible quiet book. The instruction page for each page is approximately 22 pages of detailed information and color pictures to help you easily construct the pages. Thank you for all the kind comments about the quiet books. Very, very good book of reproducible biblical characters for over fifty stories from the new testament. May 6, 2020 collection of free sewing patterns available for felt quiet books.

Today i get to share with you the fabulous old testament bible quiet book. The instructions below are divided up into each page lets get to work. One of the things that can be most helpful when making your own quiet book is a template. Bible book bible quiet book, quiet book patterns, felt. So, look at all of kates fantastic pages below, and then scroll down to. I fell in love with designing and sewing quiet book patterns in september of 2011. Busy books are often used to keep kids quiet on a trip, doctors office or at home when it comes to quiet play. Luckily, a few digitizers realize that busy moms and grams need alternatives and im forever grateful for ith quiet book designs. My bible quiet book showcases stories such as noah, moses, joseph, and teachings of. Bible story printables is a website dedicated to providing you with fun, free colorful printable bible study. The dolls house quiet book is a quiet book pattern in the form of a dolls house. Combine it with any of candidly kates other activity pages to create a customized quiet time book. This quiet book pattern has six different activity pages, including a family photo page, unicorn braid page, shoe tying page, apple tree page, closures page, and a shapes page.

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